Introducing LAAS

LAAS is an abbreviation for LevelDB as a service. LevelDB is an implementation of a log structured merge tree (LSMTree) provided by Google. This data structure aimed at providing a high write throughput. When attempting to use LevelDB, I found it difficult to track down supported libraries in different languages. Additionally, the fact that it’s labeled as a database and doesn’t provide a service was troublesome. I wrote LAAS to make the adoption of LevelDB easy for any language. It does this by introducing a RESTful API to the underlying functionality. HTTP request libraries are a dime a dozen, which drove the choice for a RESTful implementation.

Status: A Java Library For Robust System Status Health Checks

We are excited to highlight the open source availability of Status, a Java library that can report a system’s status in a readable format. The Status library enables dynamic health checks and monitoring of system dependencies. In this post, we will show how to add health checks to your applications.