Hire Me

I am currently employed full-time and am not looking for a change in work. With the current climate, I decided to offer some freelance and consulting work. My work has given me extensive exposure to companies shifting to microservices, and the challenges they face along the way. My career started working on product development. I built large scale systems consumed by millions of users around the world. Over time, I shifted my skill set toward software infrastructure. There, I’ve been able to coordinate large scale migrations between compute platforms (like Apache Mesos and Kubernetes) and to the cloud.

For more information about my experience and related certifications, please see my LinkedIn profile.


$75 - $100 per hour

Often Includes:

Strategy and Planning

Education (quick)


$100 - $125 per hour

Often Includes:

Strategy and Planning


Development / Prototyping

Infrastructure Setup

Deployment and Configuration

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you’d like to chat briefly before setting up an introduction.


Step 1 - 30min Introduction

The first step in the process is a free, 30 minute meeting. This meeting allows me to understand the work you’re looking to have done. It’ll help determine scope and whether we’re a good fit for one another.

Step 2 - Proposal

Should the introduction go well, we will move toward a proposal. The proposal will capture the scope of work that needs to be complete and any constraints that you may have. I use this proposal to put together estimates for time and cost. Note, these are just estimates. The final charge will not be available until the end. Estimates determine the down payment due when signing the contract.

Step 3 - Contract

Once there’s agreement on the proposal, we will sign a contract. I try not to let requirements change during the process. This often makes predicting delivery a lot more difficult. As an engineer, I understand that all requirements can change over time. Should this happen, simply reach out. Keep in mind that some changes in requirements may merit renegotiation.

Step 4 - Delivery

Work will being when we have a contract in place and I’ve received your down payment. For smaller projects, regular sync’s may not be necessary. For larger ones, I like to have check ins to verify the implementation meets requirements. This will help ensure that the solution meets expectations.

Step 5 - Payment

Once the contract has been completed, your final payment will be due. You will be given an invoice with a break down of expenses. Expenses can include a variety of things, but are mostly development cost related. For example, AWS charges incurred during development for infrastructure projects.